Parents… a FREE kids event that your kids will actually want to go to!

JULY 31 AT 4PM & 6PM

“Dr. Herman Kuessner has enlisted the help of your explorers to travel back in time to locate the extinct Choloepus Panthera Leo — an animal that is part sloth, part lion! Your team of explorers will have to gure out how to travel back in time, locate the animal, and take a photograph of it . . . all in under 60 minutes. ”

At this event, your children will be working together to solve a series of exciting puzzles and other fun activities. We know they’re going to love it!

We will be having 2 one-hour sessions:
1st-3rd grade children will begin at 4pm
4th-6th grade children will begin at 6pm

Parents/guardians are not required to stay at this event, however your child must be pre-registered!


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