The Other Side

Watch our last Sunday of our Throwback Series!

God’s more concerned with your reactions than someone else’s actions.
— Pastor Ron Munizzi

1. Don't let what others do to you change you
2. Stop keeping score and start losing count
3. Release them so you can be free

Follow along in Mark 4:35-41, 2 Samuel 9:1-13, Mark 4:13-20, Matthew 5:43-47, Luke 6:27-28, Psalm 51:10-13, Matthew 18:21-22, Romans 12:19

Don't Stop Till It Drops

What happens when what you see isn't what God asked?

God’s not looking for perfect people, He’s looking for obedient people.
— Pastor Ron Munizzi

1. God always refers to your enemies in the past tense
2. Selective silence is a good strategy
3. Faithfulness always breeds the miraculous
4. Don't go back to a level you've already graduated from
5. Don't stop till it drops

Follow along in James 1:2-8, Joshua 1:3-9, John 16:33, Joshua 6:2-14

Join us next Sunday as we close out our Throwback series!

I Promise

There is a purpose for your promise.
— Pastor Ron Munizzi

Our Throwback Series started off with a bang! Don't miss next week for another incredible worship experience.

Open up to Luke 5:1-8 and follow along!
1. Only constant hunger for God allows you to see His promises
2. Complacency is the enemy of promise
3. People won't give you what God can
4. Don't leave any chicken on the bone
5. You don't have to hold the baby to know you're expecting