Being a cGroup Leader isn’t complicated. We don’t ask you to be a bible scholar, a Christian counselor, or a perfect host. We believe the pathway to effectiveness as a cGroup Leader is discovered through one very simple, biblical concept: Pursue God with all of YOUR heart and then invite others to join you.


Jesus’ very first invitation to the people who would re- shape the world with His gospel was, “Follow me.” Life- change must first be evident in our lives before we can help others discover the life-changing power of Jesus. We cannot lead people where we are not going. Great cGroup Leaders are fully committed to following Jesus first. 


1. Pray for each group member daily.

God changes people’s hearts, heals their past, sets them free. Not us. So ask Him to do what ONLY He can do.

2. Build a real relationship with each group member. 

God uses people to GROW people. Invest the time to truly know your group. This is how Jesus’ love is felt and known.

3. Help each group member take their Next Step.

God deeply desires to GROW us. And He almost always does it through simple steps. cGroup Leaders help their members identify and take their next step with Jesus.