My heart is so full of gratitude as I reflect on all that God has done for Liv It Church. Since we began this journey, God has continually been faithful to supply all of our needs and has guided every step we have taken. I want to share with you what God has been doing here at Liv It Church and how He has shown His favor on us as a Church and has done exceedingly abundantly more than we have asked or could have imagined!


For the past year or so the City Code Enforcement stated that our current building is not compliant for our size church. I have been working closely with the developer of our property to bring the building to compliance; however, it would have cost tens of thousands of dollars to make the facility compliant and we would have had to shut the church down for a month to do the renovations required. The City Council gave us 3-4 weeks to come up with a plan with architectural drawings to make the necessary changes to the facility.  It came right down to the final weeks of having to make a decision and we had to bring it before the City Council. I have to tell you guys that sometimes God brings you right down to the wire where all you have is a word from God and either He comes through or you're finished. Well praise God, He came through again!


Less than two months ago on a Sunday evening, I was sitting at home watching football with my son and my phone rang. It was a dear friend of mine and someone who I'm in covenant with as a pastor; his name is Pastor Vince Cuda of Deland FL. Pastor Vince started off by saying, "Are you sitting down? I have to share with you what the Lord spoke to me and my wife's heart." He began to tell me of a dream God gave them followed by a clear word to confirm the dream. The word he received was that he is to pass on the baton of his church to us at Liv It Church and to come under my leadership as his Pastor. He asked us to move into their beautiful facility in Deland. After I consulted with my leadership team, we accepted his offer and we’re working right now on all of the logistics to purchase the property in the very near future. This is a huge step of faith for us and for Pastor Vince as well, but when God does something, He makes all things good!


Our first Service at our new location is on Sunday, November 30th as Pastor Vince passes on the baton to me and officially turns over the building to Liv It Church. Then our Grand Opening Celebration is on Sunday, December 7th @10am.  


We are believing as we move forward that God will bring financial provision and all the right people in place to fulfill His purpose and His vision for Liv It Church. We are anticipating and expectant of many lives to experience change, hearts to be healed and loved ones to be delivered from whatever is holding them back from becoming all that God has planned for them to be! 


If you're looking for a thriving, friendly and family oriented church, then join us on Sundays at 10am for our live Worship Experience. Come and celebrate God’s faithfulness with us!

                -Pastor Ron & Tracy Munizzi