Week 2

When you make room for God, He’ll fulfill the desires of your heart.

Follow along in 2 Kings 4:9-10, Luke 18:35-43, Revelation 3:20, Genesis 1:1-3, Luke 19:1-6

  1. Need doesn’t obligate God to do a miracle

  2. God isn’t moved by need, He’s moved by that

  3. The obvious doesn’t move God, faith does

  4. Physical obedience brings spiritual results

Join us next Sunday for week 3 of the Better Now series!

Week 1

Is your resolution for 2019 to make life easier, or to make life better now?

  1. What your label says doesn’t define you

  2. When life heats up = God shows off

  3. It’s not about life getting easier, it’s about god making you better now

Follow along in Daniel 3:15-23, John 1:12, and Psalm 23

Join us next Sunday for week 2 of the “Better Now” series!